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Tomato Ketchup
This thick and tangy ketchup made from sun - ripened tomatoes, herbs and spices. It goes well with snacks like wafers, cutlets, samosas and bhajiyas (fried Indian snacks). Smith & Jones Tomato Sauce also comes in a Jain version without any onions or garlic.
Size: 200 gms, 500 gms, 1 Kg
Garlic Chilli   |   Masala Chilli   |   Sweet & Hot
Size: 200 gms
Pizza Ketchup   |   Bhelpuri Chutney

The secret of the most talented pizzailo's (pizza makers) of Naples Italy. Only luscious sun - ripened tomatoes, Italian herbs and other spices go to make this delectable original pizza ketchup.

Pizza's are more versatile than most Italian dishes, thanks to the countless possible permutations of bases and toppings that can be served to suit every taste and every occasion. So, go ahead with your imagination and create great pizza's every time!

You can also use this original Italian ketchup to make Sumptuous PASTAS


Size: 200 gms
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